Metal Forming

A&M has been in the business of metal forming since 1952.  Our forming services include both large and small sections.  We have a variety of metal forming machines giving us some of the largest forming capabilities in the western United States.  Download our line card for your reference.

bulletWe specialize in Curved Stairways and Changing Radii (Compounds-Reverses-Ellipses)
bulletBeams Hardway up to W24"x62# and Beams Easyway up to 36" WF (Beam Splitting and Straightening into Tees)
bulletTubes Hardway and Tubes Easyway up to 20" x 12"
bulletSquare Tubes up to 16" and Round Tubes up to 8"
bulletPipes up to 16"
bulletChannels Hardway, Channels Legs Out, and Channels Legs In up to MC18" x 42.7#
bulletAngles Hardway and Angles Easyway up to 10" x 10" x 1"
bulletTees Stem Up, Stem In, Stem Out and split from Beams
bulletFlat Bars Hardway up to 3" x 12" and Easyway up to 6" x 20"
bulletPlate Bending into Cones, Transition, Angles, and Channels
bulletPlate Rolling up to 2" x 10' (thicker sections in smaller widths) 

Steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, inconel, hastelloy, zirconium, and copper.

We are conveniently located 10 miles south east of  Los Angeles International Airport in the Gardena/Carson area within a mile of the 405, 91, and 110 freeways.

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Other common terms in this industry which refer to the services listed above:
bulletSweeping Stairways, Spiral Stairways, Rolled Stairways
bulletCambered Beam, Beam Cambering, Rolled Beam, Beam Rolling, Curved Beam, Beam Curving, Bent Beam, Beam Bending, Swept Beam, Beam Sweeping
bulletCambered Tube, Tube Cambering, Rolled Tube, Tube Rolling, Curved Tube, Tube Curving, Bent Tube, Tube Bending
bulletCambered Channel, Channel Cambering, Rolled Channel, Channel Rolling, Curved Channel, Channel Curving, Bent Channel, Channel Bending
bulletRolled Pipe, Pipe Rolling, Curved Pipe, Pipe Curving, Bent Pipe, Pipe Bending
bulletRolled Angle, Angle Rolling, Curved Angle, Angle Curving, Bent Angle, Angle Bending
bulletRolled Metal, Metal Rolling, Bent Metal, Metal Bending
bulletRolled Steel, Steel Rolling, Bent Steel, Steel Bending